viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

NIE2012, last task, task 13. Looking back.

With task 5th, I tried to express a very pragmatic approach at the way I plan and perform any action (involves will) in life. Rather than simple activities. If so much reflection is needed I upgrade the term to that level (from activity to action), very likely in accordance with my mother´s tonge as we discussed with Sebastian some weeks ago. I reflected over externalities but marginally those that related to technology, because it was not required to emphasize on these. Of course the means one counts on, were part of the graphic and my fucntional processes I shared, but where not the main focus of my constrains, rather an adjective factor that led me to resolve my problems.
The main externalities were cultural, social, personal and emotional limitations:
I explained: " My approach is teleological. I think abot the possible outcomes first, so I can measure the degree of compatibility of what I want to do or have to do with what I should or am supposed to. Or if it is simply worthy of my attention.
An imperative is to think in advance in which way my activity and the methods I use can affect others..."
When I started reading the course´s main text, it seemed too obvious and almost unnecessary; trivial. However, as we progressed, I was able to assign to it a value, despite the fact that the obviousness is still there, and the excessive use of wordy explanations: it organizes in an intelligent way and produces a rational explanation of what we all experience and perceive at a very unconcious level if at all. I am a firm believer of the capacity of people to grasp all these concepts by themselves, if they just thought and analyzed in depth their own dynamics. I imagine it comes with time: the interest in doing this, the need and the skills to use it and apply it in different aspects of life. I know I can use these to improve my courses, electronic and otherwise. In addition it is important to be up to date with literature of relevance to our disciplines.
I was not so far from what the authors we got to know in this course propose, but I was not acquainted with their model. Each model is valid and trustable if consistently applied. In that sense, we count with yet another option to assess our conduct and produce better results more conciously. So far, I am sticking with my ways, because they are in their way, efficient, effective and reflective. That is all that matters.

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