miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

Fourth Assignment

I just had the students today presenting to the rest of the class a wrap up/7 minutes account of what they had learned on the previous chapter, for which I provided them also with a summary outline a while ago. Since I draw concept maps as I lecture I asked them to do the same. Out of 43 people only few said they had done anything similar (I was shocked!) using power point, excel and literally drawing by hand. All of those who take notes during my lectures, however, have their notebooks filled with drawings only, and they said it was very hard to study from such images later (I am aware, that is why I deliver the summaries too). They try to recreate what I do.
I proposed a list of software this course has allow me to be informed about, plus some sites that offer templates (adaptable) for downloads. This morning they had 2 hours to hand in results.
At the end of the class I noticed how much it helped them to understand, I never took this step foward, to ask students to do the exercise and try mindmapping, on their own. They liked to get acquainted with new resources, and most presented complete and clear schemes. One was particularly well done, and demonstrated 100% understanding of the concepts; I attached an image of it above (made with map42).

Link to this semester´s weblog where I proposed this task:

First "planned" Brainstorm

Decided to opt for this task simply because this has not been a tool I use, at least not in writting. Lists and concept mapping is my natural way to organize information but brainstorming seems so intuitive, almost unnecessary. When working in groups and teams this is also likely to happen orally, at least in the culture I come from, but forcing myself to write was constructive, and pedagogical. It allows focus and distinguishing the relevant from the irrelevant, sort of distancing the people from the thoughts, for a bit of perspective.
It bonds the group and makes people feel associates. When doing it on your own, it seems just a step to facilitate creativity. Creative people might not need this push on inspiration.
P.d. I just noticed this link is not available without password, so I am uploading a picture of the scheme.

sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

Second task

Before starting a new graphic expression, I would like to have feedback about two different approaches I tried last semester. My aim is to "classify" those because I am combining in as much as I can outline, summary, concept map and interactivity. This last is not possible on every format, but nevertheless, when I translate an idea, or several into a more visual scheme, regardless of techniques I try to reach the audience. Generally speaking, I know the students, their background and how far into the topics they are. Also I introduce a way to associate these notions visually. In short, these might not be too technical, but I would really appreciate your input. Any suggestion or advise is welcome.
The videos were registering a very low volume of your voices. I could hardly listen to what you were saying.
I wish I had more time to explore all the available tools. Not handling them proficiently makes me waste so much time, and at the end I return to hand-drawing. Could not yet do without the white board. If there was a way to be drawing them from a pad, for instance attached to the screen of the computer, so the audience can also see them projected onto the screen would be best! Hand-machine without intermediary that is.

Password: fall2011

DEMOCRACY This is the link to a pdf document that contains, in part, the same information.

Two different tools, same topic.