miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

Fourth Assignment

I just had the students today presenting to the rest of the class a wrap up/7 minutes account of what they had learned on the previous chapter, for which I provided them also with a summary outline a while ago. Since I draw concept maps as I lecture I asked them to do the same. Out of 43 people only few said they had done anything similar (I was shocked!) using power point, excel and literally drawing by hand. All of those who take notes during my lectures, however, have their notebooks filled with drawings only, and they said it was very hard to study from such images later (I am aware, that is why I deliver the summaries too). They try to recreate what I do.
I proposed a list of software this course has allow me to be informed about, plus some sites that offer templates (adaptable) for downloads. This morning they had 2 hours to hand in results.
At the end of the class I noticed how much it helped them to understand, I never took this step foward, to ask students to do the exercise and try mindmapping, on their own. They liked to get acquainted with new resources, and most presented complete and clear schemes. One was particularly well done, and demonstrated 100% understanding of the concepts; I attached an image of it above (made with map42).

Link to this semester´s weblog where I proposed this task:

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  1. Wow, this student's mind map is remarkable for a beginner! When I look at it, I truly believe that the student who produced it, appreciated the new format of the study task. Yes, it is unfortunate that Estonian students do not have the similar experience of ubiquitous and natural use of mind/concept mapping since the elementary school. But situation is improving gradually, as digital concept mapping tools are currently a compulsory part of in-service teacher training program DigiTiger.

  2. Indeed she was amazing. She is not a lawyer, but an educator, already a graduated pedagog from Tallinn University; to this I attribute her clarity, attention and capacity. She read and understood my summary, plus, she managed this software at once. I sent to all her mindmap so well done it was. Her feedback was also positive. She plans to incorporate these methods to her work! It is worth to try again and propose this exercise in the future, it was a good way to dynamize the lectures, the learning experience, etc.