miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

First "planned" Brainstorm

Decided to opt for this task simply because this has not been a tool I use, at least not in writting. Lists and concept mapping is my natural way to organize information but brainstorming seems so intuitive, almost unnecessary. When working in groups and teams this is also likely to happen orally, at least in the culture I come from, but forcing myself to write was constructive, and pedagogical. It allows focus and distinguishing the relevant from the irrelevant, sort of distancing the people from the thoughts, for a bit of perspective.
It bonds the group and makes people feel associates. When doing it on your own, it seems just a step to facilitate creativity. Creative people might not need this push on inspiration.
P.d. I just noticed this link is not available without password, so I am uploading a picture of the scheme.

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  1. I think the term "brainstorming" has been used too loosely too often - for me it is quite well-structured and -managed activity, involving always two distinct phases which follow different rules:
    1) collecting thoughts/ideas/concepts without any critique, grouping, sorting. In our culture, a serious ice-breaking is needed before participant warm up enough to generate and share their ideas.
    2) connecting, sorting, grouping, discarding, prioritizing the ideas(concepts/thought collected during the first phase. Mindmap is a good tool to document the results of the second phase, no doubt.

    If you are familiar with de Bono's lateral thinking approach and Six Thinking Hats technique, then you could envisage all participant wearing yellow and green hats in the first phase and switching to black and blue hats in the second phase.